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Cars in winter

Car Talk:  Seven Winter Driving Tips You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Before Jim Motavalli | Jan 07, 2018  (Blatantly stolen, without an original thought of my own) Every year, the bloggers trot out the predictable tips about getting ready for the season’s icy … Continue Reading Cars in winter

I've realized a lot of people who don't live near me don't realize that I can still help them or their friends and associates, so I will explain.

KellerWilliams_Infor_KW_RGBYou want to buy a home, sell the one you have, or perhaps find an investment property. You don't have a realtor, or perhaps you want to try a different realtor.  I've been gently reminding you for a while that I am now a realtor, so you ask me whether I know anyone who can help you.

It's a good thing you asked. As part of Keller Williams, the real estate franchise with more agents nationwide than any other, I have access to agents everywhere. And because of the Keller Williams culture, training, and technological advantages, I can be sure any Keller Williams agent I refer you to will do a good job for you.

How does it work? When you ask me to help you, I will talk to an agent local to you.  If that agent is the right one for you, I'll tell  him about you and what you need. He'll skillfully guide you through your transaction and you'll shower me with thanks.  And cookies.  Don't forget the cookies.

Start by giving me a call at 914-297-8475.


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