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Where do I put my grand piano?

grand_piano_by_wolfgirl17591I recently toured a really beautiful house–very well maintained, beautiful finishes, a convenient home office and a separate TV room–but there was no space for my grand piano. The piano would be the only thing in the living room if I put it there, and it would be too close to the fireplace. Another gorgeous home I viewed had features similar to the first house, including a space that would be perfect for a home office, but I couldn’t see clients in that office. The clients would have to walk through private living space and down a corridor to reach the office.

You have to ask for what you want! This is especially true in your home search. Tell your realtor everything from the beginning. Don’t wait until he starts showing you homes to tell him how each home doesn’t meet your needs.

buenos-aires-cooking-class-in-buenos-aires-262418Do you need an studio for art or craft work? Do you teach cooking classes at home or host family gatherings of 25 or more people? Perhaps you need to be within walking distance of shopping, schools, or a house of worship. You might need a space to plant a vegetable garden. You might have a ’68 Chevy that you have lovingly restored, so you need extra garage space.

Your realtor is there to help. He will help you find the home that suits your needs perfectly, including budget and location, and get you settled in as soon as possible with as little drama as possible. The sooner you’re happily in your new home, the sooner you can invite him over for those cooking classes!

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