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Why do I need a realtor if I’m selling my house myself?

pexels-photo-221540.jpegLet’s be honest. There’s a reason you chose not to hire a realtor. I respect that. I’m not even going to ask what it is.

Selling a house is a difficult process, with or without a realtor. There are always surprises. There may be disappointments.

I’m here to help. When buyers to come to me looking for a house like yours, I want to be able recommend it easily.

If you sell your house, I’ll be happy for you.
If you sell your house more easily with my help, I’ll be happier.
If you sell your house to a buyer I bring you, I’ll be overjoyed.

When we meet, I can learn more about your house and offer the following:

  • Home valuation based on homes sold in your area and a tour of your house
  • Staging and photo suggestions
  • Marketing suggestions
  • Referrals to professionals you might need—real estate attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, movers, etc.

If you allow me to market your house, I will offer the following additional services:

  • Social media exposure
  • An open house, with related marketing efforts (additional social media, use of my open house signs, etc.)

Full MLS exposure and contract-to-closing service would be part of a listing agreement. If you ever decide to take that step, let’s talk!

If I can be of any service to you, please call me at 914-297-8475.

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